Our Services

John Hall Consulting provides expertise and guidance to help businesses identify the most effective and efficient areas for growth and development.

Business Strategy and Planning

Good planning is fundamental to the success of any business as it provides direction and focus for the entire organisation.

We bring together the knowledge our clients already have and our own business expertise to help form and develop the following areas, whether on an ongoing or project basis:

  • Business planning and development
    • Including strategy, organisational structure, operation and staffing
  • Planning and development with local authorities
    • Guiding and facilitating or acting as liaison on your behalf
    • Public Relations and lobbying
  • Research and development
    • Identifying new product development opportunities
    • Establishing benchmarks and identifying ways to add value internally
    • Ensuring you’re meeting the needs of your customer
  • Operational issues
    • Advising and guiding on change management
    • Designing productivity and efficiency programmes
    • Facilitating succession planning strategies
  • Business Development/ extension strategies:
    • Helping you to form an exit strategy
    • Facilitating Acquisitions (businesses, assets, land and property)
    • Managing and overseeing joint ventures
    • Business evaluation

Client case studies show how we work with our clients.